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Mindful Manager

Fully exploit your potential. Develop your practical wisdom - your capacity to make good judgements in the volatile, complex, and ambiguous world with which you contend. Navigate your way to a postgraduate certificate, diploma or master's.

About the programme

This course is for managers at any stage of their careers who are interested in:

  • dramatically enhancing the quality of their decision making
  • developing the fundamental capacity of learning from experience
  • building a resilient mindset that imaginatively engages with the world of choice we face
  • understanding better how to successfully navigate the complex world of organisations
  • gaining the vital capacity to engage in productive imaginative dialogue
  • rapidly lifting the standard of their critical thinking - their ability to construct & deconstruct arguments, and evaluate evidence & knowledge

This course is designed to assist you in developing your capacity to make good judgements – the fundamental skill all managers require – but one that is vital to anyone aspiring to be a senior strategic leader.

Key facts

Programme content

Mindful Manager is unique in its focus on developing practical wisdom - the capacity for good judgment in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world of management. This is a ‘wicked’ world of divergent interests and clashing perspectives that is suffused with paradox – a world far removed from the caricature of the management textbooks. For this reason, the Mindful Manager course focuses on the development of Practical Wisdom, or Phronesis, as Aristotle termed it – namely, one’s capacity for good judgement.

The course is focused on students developing the nexus of dispositions and capabilities that constitute practical wisdom and underpin good judgement - the capacity most crucial to effectiveness at the most senior levels of management.

The course endeavours to assist students in the development of practically wise dispositions towards self (reflexivity), others, knowledge/evidence, experience and issues/problems, and the core capabilities of reflectivity, reasoning, imagination and dialogue.

This course will heighten student awareness of the intrinsic political and ethical character of managerial work, and enhance their cognitive, collaborative and emotional conduct.

Each week comprises different simple but stretching activities - self-awareness/development exercises, reflective journal work, reading-then-listening engagements and collaborative reading.

Formative feedback will be provided throughout the course in support of reflective/reflexive portfolio development, and in preparation for summative assessment.


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