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Online+ Learning

High quality learning opportunities with the flexibility to study wherever you are.

Flexible Learning

Our online+ learning delivery is designed so that students living far from campus can flexibly study on our CETAD programmes, without the need to travel. The online learning platform provides an engaging online experience, with diverse learning activities and opportunities to engage with others from different organisations, in diverse professional roles. The benefit of online learning is the opportunity to study flexibly in terms of time and geography. Our online students complete their programmes to a high success rate.

The online modules are academically rigorous, whilst being very applicable to the ‘real world of work’, enabling you to translate new learning to your own organisational setting. Facilitators are practitioners in their own field and they will broker discussions to bring academic content alive and enable shared social learning. The social learning could be via live webinars or live text chat rooms. There will also be opportunities use discussion boards for those that cannot make the live sessions. Sharing learning with and from others is a valuable part of the CETAD learning experience.

For students that are able to travel, there is the opportunity to book on any of our free thematic workshops on campus that complement online learning. These workshops have content outside what you learn on modules, examining broader themes of leadership, with group discussions and networking opportunities.

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Programme Design

Thematic Workshops

Interactive Learning Opportunities

Our face-to-face themed workshops are available to students who sign up to them when commencing their full programme. Although you are welcome to sign up to as many as you wish, there are limited places and need to be linked to your overall learning objectives, as agreed with your learning mentor.

They are facilitated by experienced practitioners who are also academically qualified. The workshops explore models and concepts associated with the workshop theme and make the content applicable to you and your work. It provides an opportunity to network with other students and share ideas and experiences. These full day workshops are free of charge if you are currently enrolled on a CETAD programme.

Our current themes include those below, and you can register directly on Moodle.

  • Succeeding with Postgraduate Study
  • Impactful Projects (20/60 credit project support workshop)
  • Interpersonal Excellence
  • Creating Effective Team Cultures
  • Leading and Influencing People
  • Innovation and Change
  • Webinar: Information Skills and Effective Working
  • Webinar: Criticality: Unravelling Critical Analysis
  • Webinar: Reading 1: Introduction to effective reading for postgraduate study
  • Webinar: Writing: Reading into Writing
  • Webinar: Reading 2: Making sense of academic journals.
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