Dr Andrew Chubb

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow

Assessing public opinion’s influence on foreign policy: the case of China’s assertive maritime behavior
Chubb, A. 1/07/2019 In: Asian Security. 15, 2, p. 159-179. 21 p.
Journal article

Xi Jinping and China’s maritime policy
Chubb, A. 2019

Is there a problem with Australia’s South China Sea policy?
Chubb, A. 10/2018 Sydney : China Matters. 4 p.
Other report

Peripheral Trouble: The Sino-Indian Standoff
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Vietnam-China Relations in Xi Jinping’s “New Era”
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China’s “Blue Territory” and the Technosphere in Maritime East Asia
Chubb, A. 15/04/2017
Other contribution

Chinese popular nationalism and PRC policy in the South China Sea
Chubb, A. 2017 University of Western Australia.
Doctoral Thesis

Democracy Wall, Foreign Correspondents, and Deng Xiaoping
Chubb, A. 1/09/2016 In: Pacific Affairs. 89, 3, p. 567-589. 23 p.
Journal article

Citizen attitudes towards China's maritime territorial disputes: traditional media and Internet usage as distinctive conduits of political views in China
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Journal article

China's Shanzhai Culture: ‘Grabism’ and the politics of hybridity
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Journal article

When foreigners perform the Chinese nation: Televised global Chinese language competitions, China and the world
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Exploring China's "Maritime Consciousness": Public Opinion on the South and East China Sea Issues
Chubb, A. 2014 Perth USAsia Centre : Perth USAsia Centre. 72 p.
Other report

What should be done on the South China Sea issue?
Chubb, A. 2014 In: A New Australia-China Agenda. Canberra : Australian National University p. 48-57. 10 p. ISBN: 9780987365545.