Dr Cain Todd

Senior Lecturer


I am Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Lancaster University. From 2021-23 I will be taking up a Bessel Research Prize position at LMU Munich. I am the co-editor of the journal Emotion Researcher, a founding member of the European Society for Aesthetics, and a co-ordinator of the Culinary Mind Network.

My research lies primairily within the areas of aesthetics, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of perception. I have published papers on issues in the philosophy of fiction and literature, on the imagination, on emotion, on the role of feeling and aesthetic judgements in science and mathematics, and on olfactory perception.

Currently my research focuses on the nature of emotion and imagination with a view to outlining their roles in value judgements and evaluative experience. This research draws heavily on current work in psychology and neuroscience, particularly concerning aesthetic experience. I am also interested in altered states of consciousness and in temporal perception. I am writing a book 'Aesthetics and Emotion that will be published by Bloomsbury in 2022.

Imagination, Emotion, and Value
31/12/2010 → 31/12/2013

European society for aesthetics
24/05/2010 → 29/05/2010