Professor Jo Warin

Professor in Gender and Social Relationships in Education

Research Interests

I draw on theories of masculinities and queer theory to analyze how gender is implicated in early childhood educational policy and practice, building on my earlier research on fathering. I have now built an internationally recognized body of research about men’s participation as teachers in early childhood education and care. Through various research publications I have argued for and evidenced the concept of a gender flexible pedagogy: gender-sensitive teachers delivering a gender-sensitive curriculum. I also have a longstanding research trajectory in the social and emotional development of children and young people in school. For example I undertook a unique qualitative longitudinal study with a group of school pupils from the ages of three to seventeen to track their construction of identity. More recently I have evaluated school provision of nurture groups for children with socio-emotional difficulties and school use of ‘Restorative Practice’, derived from Restorative Justice.