Professor Graeme Gilloch


Current Teaching

UG teaching:

SOCL 101 Social Selves block

SOCL 200 Understanding Social Thought (core theory module)

SOCL 307 Modernity and its Discontents

SOCL 329 Classic Encounters: Bauman, Modernity and the Holocaust

MCS. 101 Marginal Cultures block

MCS. 224 Media and Visual Culture

PGT teaching

SOCL 940 Critical Debates

SOCL 941 Digital Selfscapes and the Optics of Otherness

My main areas of research and supervisory interest are:

Critical Theory and the Frankfurt School (especially, Walter Benjamin, Siegfried Kracauer)

Contemporary social and cultural theory (especially continental theory)

Visual culture (especially film and photography)

Metrropolitan and urban culture and theory

Sociology and literature

Autobiography, biography, history and memory

Holocaust studies