Professor Maggie Mort


Research Interests

  • A former journalist, I have a longstanding interest in citizen engagement in science and technology and recent interest in disaster studies and social/material vulnerability. These are reflected in my recent publications, 'Displacement: critical insights from flood affected children', and ‘From Victims to Actors’. I have worked predominently with ethnographic and participative methodologies, exploring how policy can be influenced by the experience of those it affects, most recently in relation to disaster, risk and emergency management. To this end, I coordinated the Horizon2020 project, CUIDAR: Cultures of Disaster Resilience among children and young people across Europe. This work follows directly from our ESRC Urgency research which was the first in depth exploration of children’s experiences of flooding in the UK. More broadly, working in the field of Science and Technology Studies I have focused on citizen, patient and workers' experience of technological change in healthcare such as the development of telemedicine and telecare, and what counts as innovation in health science and technology.

Recent projects include:

Selected Publications

From victims to actors: the role of children and young people in flood recovery and resilience
Mort, M.M.E., Walker, M.P., Lloyd Williams, A.S., Bingley, A.F. 1/05/2018 In: Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy. 36, 3, p. 423-442. 20 p.
Journal article

Displacement: critical insights from flood-affected children
Mort, M.M.E., Walker, M.P., Lloyd Williams, A.S., Bingley, A.F. 1/07/2018 In: Health and Place. 52, p. 148-154. 7 p.
Journal article

'It's learned on the job and it depends who you're with.': An observational qualitative study of how internal jugular cannulation is taught and learned
Shelton, C.L., Mort, M.M., Smith, A.F. 1/02/2018 In: Journal of the Intensive Care Society. 19, 1, p. 26-34. 9 p.
Journal article

Do biosensors biomedicalize?: sites of negotiation in DNA based biosensing data practices
Kragh-Furbo, M., MacKenzie, A.B., Mort, M.M.E., Roberts, C.M. 2016 In: Quantified. Cambridge, Mass : MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. p. 5-26. 22 p. ISBN: 9780262034173, 9780262528757. Electronic ISBN: 9780262334532.

Biosensing: how citizens’ views illuminate emerging health and social risks
Mort, M.M.E., Roberts, C.M., Furbo, M.K., Wilkinson, J., MacKenzie, A.B. 1/03/2016 In: Health, Risk and Society. 17, 7-8, p. 605-623. 19 p.
Journal article

Children, young people and flooding: recovery and resilience
Mort, M.M.E., Walker, M.P., Lloyd Williams, A., Bingley, A.F., Howells, V. 22/09/2016 Lancaster : Lancaster University. 39 p.
Other report

Biosensing networks: sense making in consumer genomics and ovulation tracking
Kragh-Furbo, M., Wilkinson, J., Mort, M.M.E., Roberts, C.M., MacKenzie, A.B. 18/10/2017 In: Quantified Lives and Vital Data. Palgrave p. 47-69. 23 p. ISBN: 9781349952342. Electronic ISBN: 9781349952359.

An observational study of critical care physicians' assessment and decision-making practices in response to patient referrals
Charlesworth, M., Mort, M., Smith, A.F. 01/2017 In: Anaesthesia. 72, 1, p. 80-92. 13 p.
Journal article

“That’s where I first saw the water…”: mobilizing children’s voices in UK flood risk management
Lloyd Williams, A.S., Bingley, A.F., Walker, M.P., Mort, M.M.E., Howells, V. 1/12/2017 In: Transfers. 7 , 3, p. 76-93. 18 p.
Journal article

Ovulation monitoring and reproductive heterosex: living the conceptive imperative?
Wilkinson, J., Roberts, C., Mort, M. 3/03/2015 In: Culture, Health and Sexuality. 17, 4, p. 454-469. 16 p.
Journal article

Care work and new technologies of care for older people living at home
Roberts, C., Mort, M., Milligan, C. 2013 In: The Sage handbook of ageing, work and society. London : Sage Publications p. 157-169. 12 p. ISBN: 9781446207286.

Wrong, but useful: negotiating uncertainty in infectious disease modelling
Christley, R., Mort, M., Wynne, B., Wastling, J., Heathwaite, L., Pickup, R., Austin, Z., Latham, S. 16/10/2013 In: PLoS ONE. 8, 10, 13 p.
Journal article

Ageing with telecare: care or coercion in austerity?
Mort, M., Roberts, C., Callen, B. 07/2013 In: Sociology of Health and Illness. 35, 6, p. 799-812. 14 p.
Journal article

Ready 4 Floods and Coastal Change - Digital Education Tools / Interactive Flood Exhibition
06/01/2020 → 31/03/2021

Game Testing and Evaluation Development: Communicating Flood Risk Project - Education Tools
01/08/2019 → 28/02/2020

Further development of Flood Snakes & Ladders for a single online user
29/10/2018 → 31/01/2019

The Flood Suitcase
01/03/2017 → 31/07/2017

What is a 'good anaesthetic? Producing evidence in complex settings: the case of fractured neck of femur.
01/10/2015 → 30/09/2018

Cultures of Disaster Resilience Among Children and Young People
01/07/2015 → 30/06/2018

Children, young people and flooding, recovery and resilience
01/09/2014 → 30/09/2016

Ultrasound Guidance in CVC Insertion by Anaesthetists
01/08/2012 → 04/08/2015

Living Data: Making sense of health biosensors
01/05/2011 → 30/04/2015

Lost in Translation: Cross - disciplinary analysis of knowledge exchange and effectiveness in animal disease management
01/07/2008 → 30/11/2011

01/03/2008 → 28/02/2011

Flood vulnerability and resilience
01/10/2007 → 31/12/2009

Healthcare at home? New technologies and responsibilities across diverse EU systems and cultures
01/02/2006 → 30/09/2009

ITEMS - Identifying Trends in European Medical Space
01/06/2003 → 30/09/2006

Health and social consequences of the 2001 foot and mouth disease epidemic: an action research project
01/11/2001 → 01/03/2003

Problem of Expertise in Anaesthesia
01/04/2000 → 01/03/2002

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