Dr Siao Yuong Fong

Lecturer in Global Media and Inequality


I joined Lancaster University as Lecturer of Global Media and Inequality in September 2021 and work at the intersections of Media and Cultural Studies, Production Studies and Asian Studies.

My first book, Performing Fear in Television Production: Practices of an Illiberal democracy, published by Amsterdam University Press in 2022 is on authoritarian resilience in the media. Based on an immersive production ethnography of Singaporean television, it raises questions about how far the audience has become a surrogate for but also exceed the illiberal state in the ‘post-public sphere’. The book encourages readers to rethink contemporary media governmentality in conversation with global trends towards anti-fandom, public policing and surveillance culture. Drawing from production studies, audience studies, cultural studies and political theory, the book explores how ‘post-public’ social imaginaries emerging among state and media practices may be remaking the terms of authoritarian media production.

The new research I am developing explores production geopolitics in media links between China and the Southeast Asian Sinosphere in the age of competing global hegemonies.