Travel Grants

Speakers & How to Apply

We expect to be able to partly support 4-6 members of the EURO WG on Stochastic Modelling who are speakers of accepted abstracts. Grants will be given with priority to applicants either with an objective reason for not having access to sufficient travel funding or who need to cover extra expenses not eligible by their travel funding. Examples include but are not restricted to

  • students and early-career researchers
  • researchers on or recently returning to work from a maternity/paternity leave
  • researchers with children or other family members that need extra care during their travel
  • researchers from countries where travel funding is very limited

To apply for a travel grant, please send a single-page PDF letter to by Wed 14 Feb 2018. Your letter should include:

  • your First name, Last name, Email, Country, Organization
  • ID and Title of the submitted abstract(s) where you appear as "Corresponding author"
  • itemised list of expenses, including amounts in GBP, which you are seeking to cover from our travel grant
  • brief explanation why these expenses need to be covered by our travel grant

UK based PhD Students

UK based Operational Research and Statistics PhD students working closely with industry are encouraged to become STOR-i CDT associates via their National Associates Network. If they are accepted to that scheme they will benefit from free travel and accommodation when attending StochMod 2018.