Awards, Grants & Scholarships

Travel Grants

Travel awards are available to students who wish to travel for a course, conference, expedition project or study visit for which the outcome will benefit either your academic studies or job prospects. If you are planning on undertaking voluntary activities in the UK or abroad during the Easter or Summer vacation period you can apply for a travel award (between £50-£150). Activities should be for the benefit of your academic studies or future employment, however we are unable to support compulsory elements of your degree scheme.

Completed forms should be emailed to Lorna Harrison or taken into Lorna in the College office.

Travel Grant Guidance Notes

A condition of receiving the award is to write a report of at least 500 words (750 max) to be submitted to the Bowland College Office.

The student submitting the best travel report from recipients of the Easter and Summer travel grants will receive the Meredith Award, named for Professor David Meredith, Principal of Bowland College 1984-1989.‌

The Saunders Award

The Saunders Award is given to final year Bowland students who have made an outstanding contribution to college activities and is in honour of Dr Ian Saunders, Principal of the Bowland College from 1989 to 1999. The number of awards is usually three, though a maximum of four can be given. Recipients of the award are nominated jointly by the JCR and the Senior Members of the College. The awards are announced during the college graduation celebrations.

Congratulations to our 2017 award winners:

Sam Allan

Sam has been noted for his dedication to the Campus Community Fridge, which was a Bowland team idea presented at this year’s sustainability challenge. Once the fridge was installed in Bowland foyer, Sam worked tirelessly collecting food from on-campus eateries that would otherwise go to waste, and promoting the fridge via its Facebook page.

Clare Starkey

Clare was a committed member of the Netball Club first as member, then Vice Captain and as Club Captain in her final year. She also worked in the College bar and was known for her hard-work and friendly face.

Maxwell Green

A fresher rep during his second and final years, Maxwell displayed a mature and responsible attitude when supporting his freshers and managed some quite difficult situations. He set a good example for our new students and took steps to ensure students in his care were well looked after.

The Bevington Award

The Bevington Award is given for outstanding academic performances by Bowland students in their first year and is in honour of Professor John Bevington, the first Principal of Bowland College from 1964 until 1966.

Congratulations to our 2017 award winners:

  • Xiaoran Jiang (Accounting and Finance)
  • Andrew Caton (German Studies and Linguistics)

The Willcock Scholarship

The Willcock Scholarship was established to commemorate Professor Malcolm Willock’s period as Principal of the College from 1966 to 1980. The scholarship provides financial assistance to current Bowland undergraduates (including integrated Masters) who are in good academic standing but facing unexpected long-term financial difficulty which is beyond their control and which jeopardise their continuing study at Lancaster University. £2000 for two or more awards is available. Decisions will be determined by a committee chaired by the Senior Advisor. The maximum award given is £1000.


Examples of those eligible for a Willcock Award are:

  • Overseas students who are in receipt of government sponsorship but are unable to access this funding due to economic crisis;
  • Students with unexpected long-term financial problems caused by, for example, bereavement or a loss of support from parents or spouse;
  • Students with special needs;
  • Students recovering from illness needing accommodation in college to catch up with their studies;
  • Mature students facing particular financial difficulties.
  • This is not an exhaustive list and students who may not fit any of the above categories are still encouraged to apply.

How to apply

Applications should be submitted by 5pm on the Friday of week 7 of summer term and should be emailed or taken to Lorna Harrison in the College Office.  All applications must include the following elements:

1. A full Curriculum Vitae

2. A covering letter including the following details:

  • full details of name and address for correspondence
  • a statement of how you fall within the scope of the Willcock Awards (see above);
  • a note of the amount of money requested (not to exceed £1000);
  • a list of all other awards applied for;
  • a note of the course, academic year of study and degree to be pursued during

3. The following financial details:     

  • a statement of all annual income (including loans, grants, interest payments)      
  • a statement of your annual essential expenditure;
  • a copy of your last three months’ bank statements.
  • References from two referees, at least one of whom must have taught you during the current academic session, must be submitted with your application. 
  • A list of subjects and the grades achieved so far.

All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence and details will be shared with the awarding committee. Decisions on Awards will be made during the Summer Term and payments will be made termly, starting after registration in the following Michaelmas term. 

Awards are made without any commitment to renewal in subsequent years; however, recipients are eligible to reapply.  

Lancashire & Cumbria Scholarship

We have two awards of £500 each available to incoming first year mature students from the Lancashire and Cumbria regions. Students with dependents who have costs associated with child-care, disabled students and students with special needs are eligible for this award. All first year mature students who are, or who will be, members of Bowland College and who have a home address postcode within the Lancashire or Cumbria region and meet the criteria are eligible to apply.