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Student Placements

A limited number of student work experience placements are available for FASS students. Specifically generated with arts and social sciences students in mind, students will participate in work based projects that offer valuable learning opportunities whilst providing you with the type of experience that is highly valued by today’s employers in an increasingly competitive job market.

Some of the FASS placements are voluntary and others are paid opportunities, in either instance we guarantee that there will be direct benefits for students undertaking a FASS placement, monetary or otherwise. These include:

  • Placing your field of study into context, applying skills and knowledge acquired through study and the chance to make valuable contacts within your chosen sector
  • Travel expenses (for unpaid opportunities)
  • Networking opportunities whilst on placement
  • Employer mentoring 
  • Access to in-house training where relevant
  • A reference upon completion of placement

Go to Current Vacancies to find out what is available.

Important information about unpaid placements

Spending time working for no pay for a charitable/voluntary organisation shows prospective employers strong commitment and will enable you to make a valuable contribution to the community. Also, in some competitive industries such as media, it is often required of students to consider unpaid work experience and can sometimes be the route into a paid opportunity after graduation. However, it is very important to think carefully about working for no pay. You will need to consider the following:

  • Can I afford to work unpaid? If not, consider a paid FASS Placement or go to Careers for more opportunities.
  • Will the experience be relevant?
  • Is it in a sector that you’re interested in finding more about?
  • Will it help to clarify your career expectations?
  • Will it help to improve or develop your skills?

Speak to the Placement Officer Kate Dunbavan if you are unclear about whether you should work unpaid and what you should specifically do to ensure quality work experience.


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