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Event 11: Lancaster University Three Day Course on
Research Ethics as Practice at Global Crossroads
June 22nd-24th 2009 (inclusive)

This three day advanced training event is aimed at those researchers who wish to increase their understanding of what constitutes the practice of research ethics which are beyond the narrow, limited, binaries of themes which are framed as UK/Non-UK, West/Non-West. Instead the themes discussed in these three days are glocal. They lie at the juncture of and in between local and global concerns, themes, practices and policies. Training will focus around a series of key position papers on themed topics followed by a series of discussion groups in which participants will be encouraged to critically engage with the issues. Informal discussions will be facilitated outside of the formal sessions to encourage the development of a broad forum for exchange of ideas and methodologies.
The course will build on issues covered in the course convened by Dr. Nayanika Mookherjee in June 2007: like ethical research within global contexts, foreign researchers as spies, science and ethics, informed consent and sensitive issues, development discourse and ethics, ethical research with ‘friends and enemies’ and philosophical engagement with ethics discussing them in greater depth and concentrating on areas that might cause tension between policies, practices and researchers.
The event will be convened by Dr. Nayanika Mookherjee and chaired by members of the training team from Lancaster University with additional input from other experienced staff from across Lancaster University where appropriate. Each day will be devoted to a specific theme and will build on the expertise and experiences of participants within the group. Two invited external speakers, Professor Pat Caplan (Goldsmiths College, London University) and Gita Sahgal (Head of Gender Unit, Amnesty International) will be present on Day 1 of the workshop addressing ethical dilemmas of research process and human rights.

The themes will include:
• Reflections on Ethical Dilemmas in the Research Process
• Human Rights and Ethics
• Bioethics and Biopiracy
• Immigrational Ethics
• Ethics and Moral Philosophy

For further information and a booking form, please contact the programme administrator Mrs Sheryl Coultas at: e-mail: s.coultas@lancaster.ac.uk or access the website at: http://www.lancs.ac.uk/fass/events/ethicalresearch/

Download booking form here.





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