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Lancaster University three day workshop on Ethical Issues in Participatory Research: A Co-learning Event

8th - 10th December 2008 (incl)

This workshop will explore ethical issues in Participatory approacehs to research. It has been designed for two groups of participants: those who have experience of participatory approaches to research (either as a researcher, a community /lay researcher). The workshop will also be of interest to members of research ethics committees who wish to gain an understanding of participatory research approaches and insights into the ethical dimensions of such research.

The workshop will adopt a participatory co-learning approach where participants will be enabled to ‘drill deep’ into ethical issues which arise within participatory research. The three day workshop will consist of a series of short, ‘scene-setting’ presentations from academic and lay researchers in the field who will provide input on particular aspects of research ethics in participatory research. Workshop participants will be encouraged to share their own experiences of participatory research in ways which will provide critical engagement with ethical issues in participatory research practice. In this way, the workshops will provide an environment where participants can explore best practice as well as confront the ethical challenges of participatory research.

The event is convened by a single member of the training team from Lancaster University but facilitated by all members of the team.

Important Note:
This workshop has been designed for members of research ethics committees and those with experience and working knowledge of participatory research. Participants should come to the event prepared to engage in critical discussion and share their experiences of participatory research. Applicants will be invited to describe their interest in / experience of participatory research as part of the registration process.

Workshop Convenor: Carole Truman, Professor of Health and Community Studies, School of Health and Social Sciences, University of Bolton

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