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Research Areas

Human rights

Samantha Spence LLB (Hons) LLM (Res.)

Samantha Spence LLB (Hons) LLM (Res.)

Research Student, Associate Lecturer

Bowland North
Lancaster University
United Kingdom

Location: C118

Research Interests

International Human Rights Law, the relationship between law and culture, women's rights, law and religion

Current Teaching

Law 101 - English Legal System

Law 104 - Criminal Law

Thesis Title

Witchcraft accuations as a marginalising mechanism of women.

Thesis Outline

Samantha's thesis will examine the phenomenon of witchcraft. Belief in witchcraft is prevalent globally, yet there is still a lack of awareness of witchcraft related violence. Witchcraft violence is one of the most heinous crimes committed against women. Samantha's research will investigate the background of witchcraft, examining how and why women are accused of witchcraft and the effect of such accusations. The research will focus on the relationship between violence against women and cultural traditions, examining whether witchcraft accusations, together with the violence that follows an accusation, are tools used to manipulate, control and regulate women, in order to comply with culturally specific patriarchal norms. 

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