Software Profile: ArcGIS

Software TitleArcGIS 10.4 from Esri - Company Website »
DescriptionA complete system for designing and managing solutions through the application of geographic knowledge.
Windows 10 CompatibilityISS Passed -   Our current version of ArcGIS (10.2.2) is 'sort of' Windows 10 compatible, but issues have been reported by students using it on their Windows 10 computers. Esri anticipates supporting Windows 10 at ArcGIS 10.4 for Desktop and ArcGIS Pro 1.2, which are scheduled for release in Q1 2016. Gemma is testing 10.4 (succesfully so far) and steps are being taken to move to ArcGIS 10.4
Installable on personally owned computer?Yes - but check 'Licence Summary' below for specific restrictions
Licence SummaryFree for all Staff and Students to use, on and off-campus.
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Note - Site Licensed software is for use by members of Lancaster University who fulfill the criteria stipulated by the precise terms of the licence agreement.