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We have a large range of software applications available for staff and students. Click on the application title e.g. 'Adobe Creative Cloud »' for further information about the application e.g. availability & licence Keys.

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 Software TitleLaunchTrainingUsersPlatformCategoryRestrictions
All apps are 'free', except those marked (£)  
7-Zip »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxUtility
Adobe Creative Cloud » (includes Adobe Acrobat Pro DC & Photoshop)     ELearning»Staff onlyWindows, Mac, MobileGraphics, Productivity, Audio, VideoNamed List
Adobe Reader » Students, StaffWindows, MacUtility
AntConc »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxData Analysis
Arduino »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxProgramming
Artemis 16 »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxData Analysis
Artimis ACT » (Artemis Comparison Tool aka ACT)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxData Analysis
ATLAS.ti »Apps»Training»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, MobileQualitative
Audacity »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxAudio
Box »SaaS»Training»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxUtility, Productivity, Collaborative
Camtasia Studio 9 »Apps»Staff onlyWindows, MacGraphics, VideoNamed List
ChemDraw »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, MacGraphics
Chimera »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxModeling/Simulation
Cisco Jabber »Apps»Staff onlyWindows, MacInstant Messaging
CLAN » (CHILDES)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxStatistical
CodeBlocks »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxProgramming
Colour Contrast Analyser » (CCA)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, MacAccessibility
Csound »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxAudio
EaglePCB »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxProgramming, Other
Elan »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxQualitative
Endnote »Apps»Training»Students, StaffWindows, MacProductivity
FigTree »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxGraphics
FileZilla »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxUtility
FreeMind »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxAccessibility, Productivity
G*Power »Apps»Vendor»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxStatistical
GIMP »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, MacGraphics
Git »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, MacProgramming
Google Earth »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxGraphics
IDL » ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxNumericalConcurrent Named List
Inkscape »Apps»Vendor»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxGraphics
JW Player » Students, StaffWindows, Mac, MobileUtility
LancsBox »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxData Analysis
Leximancer » Vendor»Students, StaffWindows, MacQualitative
LTspice IV »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, MacModeling/Simulation
Maple »Apps»Vendor»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, IUSNumerical'Work Offline' via AppAnywhere is NOT available
MATLAB »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, HECStatistical, Numerical
MEGA »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxUtility
Mercury »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxStatistical, Data Analysis
Microsoft Office 2016 » (FREE for UG, PG & STAFF)    Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, MacProductivity
MindJet Mind Manager »Apps»Training»Students, StaffWindows, MacAccessibility, Productivity
Mozilla Firefox » Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxProductivity
NVivo » (Pro)    Apps»Training»Students, StaffWindows, MacQualitative
Open Office »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, MacProductivity
OpenBUGS »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxStatistical
Panopto » Staff onlyWindows, MacProductivityNamed List
Pd Extended »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxProgramming
PhysWhizII »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxOther
Populus »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxOther
Praat »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxStatistical, Audio
Processing » (programming language)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, MacProgramming
PsychoPy »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxOther
Pure Data »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, Linux, MobileProgramming
PyMOL »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxGraphics
QGIS »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxGraphics
QQ »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, MacInstant Messaging, Collaborative
QtiPlot »Apps»Vendor»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxGraphics
R »Apps»Training»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, Linux, IUS, HECStatistical, Programming
RStudio Desktop » (inc R 3.1.2)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxStatistical, Programming
SEP » (Symantec Endpoint Protection)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, Other.Security
Skype » (old)    Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, Linux, MobileInstant Messaging, Collaborative
SplitsTree »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxOther
SPSS » (IBM SPSS Statistics)    Apps»Training»Students, StaffWindows, MacStatistical
SPSS » ( in Ghana)     Students, StaffWindows, MacStatisticalGhana Campus
SuperCollider »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxUtility
Tablet » (graphical viewer)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxGraphics
TempEst » (formerly Path-O-Gen)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxData Analysis
Texmaker » (LaTeX editor)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxScientific WP
Tracer »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxOther
TurningPoint Cloud »Apps»Staff onlyWindows, Mac, MobileCollaborative
VLC Media Player »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxUtility, Video
VMD » (Molecular Visualization)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxModeling/Simulation
VMware » (inc Workstation and Fusion)    ELMS»Students, StaffWindows, MacUtility
VS Code » Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxProgramming
Wavesurfer »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxStatistical, Audio
Zoom » Staff onlyWindows, Mac, Linux, Web, MobileCollaborative, VideoNamed List
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Operating Systems

Apple Mac

Apple have given away macOs updates. Mac users can update from within the system.


The University is licensed for Windows on all University owned PCs. Individuals can get Windows updates from 'ELMS' (see above).

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