Hazelrigg Weather Station

Daily weather observations have been made at Lancaster University since 1966 providing a continuous, very high quality record. 

This record is included in world climate reports and in the analysis of long terms trends by the World Meteorological Organisation.

Hazelrigg is the UK Meteorological Office Climatological Station Number 7236. Every morning at 0900 GMT measurements are made by Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC) staff and student volunteers and the data are passed on to Meteorological Office. Measurements from the automatic weather station are averaged every 10 minutes and can be seen via Hazelrigg Automated Meteorology Measurements.

Data from Hazelrigg can be accessed through the Archived Meteorology Data of daily and automated measurements from the site. These data are used in many undergraduate and postgraduate projects and by LEC researchers and those collaborating with them.

Hazelrigg is 1 km northeast of the University campus and 10 km east of the Irish Sea coast. Its prevailing south-westerly wind makes it good for the study of marine aerosol and trace gases. It is also used as a semi-rural site to monitor trace levels of Persistent Organic Pollutants.

The site also houses other facilities available for use by LEC staff and students and those working with them including:

  • a controlled glasshouse facility in four solar domes allowing the study of plant diversity and its effect on global climate change
  • A 3 axis fluxgate magnetometer operated by the Space Plasma Environment and Radio Science group from Lancaster University's Physics Department as part of the Sub-Auroral Magnetometer Network (SAMNET). It continuously records natural variations in the Earth's magnetic field caused by the solar wind interacting with Magnetosphere-Ionosphere system. Data from the magnetometer is used for AuroraWatch UK, which alerts subscribers by email or Twitter to times when aurora may be visible from the UK
  • Lancaster University's 100 m 2 MW wind turbine which generates up to 17 percent of the University's electricity and is used as a field study site for students.


  • National Grid Reference: SD3493 4579
  • Postcode: LA2 0PL
  • Altitude: 94.1 metres above sea level
  • Latitude: 54 degrees 1’ 50” North
  • Longitude: 2 degrees 46’ 30” West
  • Google Earth location


If you are interested in helping with the observations or would like other information, please contact: