Dr Ali Birkett

Research Coordinator

Research Overview

I am fascinated by how organisms interact within an ecosystem, how they respond to environmental change, and the consequences that these responses might have on the ecosystem as a whole. I like to combine experimental and survey techniques to investigate these questions and am especially keen on working at the landscape scale, taking particular pleasure in fieldwork and being outdoors. I have specific experience of working with insects such as dung beetles and butterflies, and am currently working within the Plant-Soil Interactions lab as a Research Associate with ForestPrime: a comparative experiment to assess the impact of enhanced forest productivity on soil carbon dynamics in temperate and tropical forests. I am also passionate about science communications, in particular on Twitter and contributing to the Sex & Bugs & Rock 'n Roll and Lancaster University’s RCUK-SUPI and Science Hunters outreach and public engagement projects.

The Automated Root Exudate System (ARES): a method to apply solutes at regular intervals to soils in the field
Lopez-Sangil, L., George, C., Medina Barcenas, E., Birkett, A.J., Baxendale, C.L., Brechet, L.M., Estradera-Gumbau, E., Sayer, E.J. 11/04/2017 In: Methods in Ecology and Evolution.
Journal article