Designers play a central role in shaping the world around us. People, products, and places are all touched by design.

Design at Lancaster is an innovative and ambitious undertaking building upon existing strengths of the university. This new initiative addresses the questions wholly appropriate to our lives in the 21st century. Rapid changes in technology, and an awareness of the societal changes we are witnessing presents new challenges to designers – challenges that Lancaster are expertly placed to address.

The ability to identify and evaluate creative insights into, for, and through design is core to our approach. Our courses have been constructed to specifically produce graduates who will be at the cutting edge of design thinking.

Our activities are closely linked to ImaginationLancaster, a creative research centre that enables people and organisations to engage with academia in dynamic and creative ways, giving time and space to research and imagine futures.

The ImaginationLancaster team use an open and exploratory approach to investigate emerging issues, technologies and practices to advance knowledge and develop solutions that contribute to the common good.

Undergraduate Courses

Design can be studied as a single-honours degree or as a combined major with Marketing.

Masters Courses

We offer two distinct Masters courses; MA Arts Management and MA Design Management.

PhD Courses

We offer PhD courses in the areas of Art, Design, Film, and Theatre.