What Will You Study

Applications are accepted for any area of study in the contemporary arts including fine art, design, film, theatre and dance. LICA has a thriving community of over 80 doctoral students and you will be supervised by internationally recognised staff who are leaders in their respective fields. LICA offers you the opportunity to undertake research integrating creative practice with theoretical or historical work, as well as offering more traditional research programmes assessed by thesis only. The relationship between theory and practice, whilst approached in different ways by different students, forms the important theme that links and shapes the Institute’s research priorities and orientation.

We provide a supportive yet challenging research environment where you will develop knowledge and skills in research methods, propositional and interventional approaches, analysis and synthesis of research findings, and the communication of research outputs to academic, professional and user communities. Your research training will be supported both by LICA and by the research training offered by the Faculty. Our research is outward looking, involving the wider public, professionals, and policy makers in the development and benefits of research.