Accounting & Finance alumni profiles

Find out what our graduates thought of their time at LUMS, and how their study has helped them in their careers.





Ilhan Kirpik

MSc Finance, 2013

After graduating, Ilhan was recruited by UniCredit, where he works in corporate structured finance.

Xiaobin Cai

MSc Accounting & Financial Management, 2013

Xiaobin is now working as an associate accountant for Halliburton in China.

Zhifang Zhang

MRes Accounting & Financial Management, 2013

Zhifang studied for her undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance at LUMS, and stayed on for an MRes degree which forms the first stage of her PhD study.

Jonathan Manson

EY Degree, 2013

Jonanthan returned to Ernst & Young after completing his degree.

Sophie Tessier

PhD Accounting & Finance, 2013

Sophie now teaches at HEC Montréal in Canada.

Rebekah Histon

BSc Accounting & Finance, 2013

After graduating, Rebekah did ACA training at Moore & Smalley, but has now returned to LUMS for an MRes.

Joe Alston

MSc Financial Analysis, 2013

Joe studied Accounting and Finance at LUMS for his first degree, and decided to stay on for a further year to do a Masters to prepare him for his chosen profession.

Alexander Thimm

MSc Finance, 2013

Alexander completed his Lancaster degree in MSc Finance and went onto do a double degree at Catolica Lisbon School of Business.

Jiayi Luo

BSc Accounting & Finance, 2013

After doing volunteering at Lancaster, Jiayi's goal is to work for an NGO after completing her postgraduate study.

Leonard Eggert

MSc Finance, 2013

Leonard learnt Chinese while at LUMS, and winning a scholarship from the Lancaster China Management Centre, he was able to spend a term in Beijing after completing his MSc.

Dmitry Vasichev

MSc Financial Analysis, 2012

Dmitry secured a graduate position with Deloitte in the UK after completing his MSc.

Aleksander Hristov

MSc Finance, 2012

Aleksander joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch after graduating.