Accounting & Finance alumni profiles

Find out what our graduates thought of their time at LUMS, and how their study has helped them in their careers.





Christoph Brade

MSc Accounting & Financial Management, 2009

Christoph is now working as a Financial Analyst with Electronic Arts.

Ruschil Aggarwal

BSc Accounting, Auditing & Finance, 2009

After graduating, Ruschil joined Ernst & Young in London as a chartered accountant. He now works for Deloitte as a change consultant.

Usman Yousaf

BSc Accounting & Finance, 2009

After graduating, Usman intends to continue his training to become a chartered accountant.

Hsing-Ju Hsieh

MSc Finance, 2009

The reputation of the School, and partnership with CFA, was what attracted Hsing-Ju to the MSc in Finance.

Lanlan Liu

MSc Finance, 2009

Lanlan has stayed on in the UK to start a PhD in Finance after completing her MSc.

Ben Dickinson

BSc Accounting, Auditing & Finance, 2009

After three placements with Ernst & Young, Ben joined the firm's Manchester office on graduation. He now works in Sydney for PwC.

Vijay Mistry

BSc Accounting, Auditing & Finance, 2009

Following his placements with Ernst & Young, Vijay is now working full-time for the firm in Manchester.

Nicola Oxlade

BSc Accounting, Auditing & Finance, 2009

Nicola joined Ernst & Young immediately after completing her degree. She later took a job as a retail analyst for Manchester United.

Peng Xi

BSc Accounting & Finance, 2009

After completing his degree, Peng Xi went to Warwick University to take an MSc in Finance. He now works for KPMG.

Mate Munthali

BSc Finance and Economics, 2008

Mate is now a Researcher at the National Audit Office in Newcastle.

Nur Azliani Abdul Sani

BSc Accounting & Finance, 2008

Nur Azliani joined oil and gas company Petronas in Malaysia after graduating.

Idlan Zakaria

PhD Accounting & Finance, 2008

Idlan completed an MA at Lancaster in addition to her PhD. She is now an academic at the University of Essex.