Accounting & Finance alumni profiles

Find out what our graduates thought of their time at LUMS, and how their study has helped them in their careers.





Anastasia Elisenkova

MSc Finance, 2007

Anastasia now works for Alfa Bank.

Steven Pereira

MSc Finance, 2006

Steven had worked in finance for 13 years before starting the MSc. He now works for HSBC in Singapore.

Guosheng Zhang

BA Accounting & Finance, 2006

Guosheng stayed in the UK to train as an accountant with a services company after completing his degree.

Andy Bohong Chen

BA Accounting & Finance, 2006

After graduating, Andy joined RWE Trading in the UK and then went on to an MPhil degree at Cambridge University.

YuQin Yang

BSc Accounting & Finance, 2006

After completing her degree YuQin started a Masters in Finance at Cambridge University.

Chi-Hsiou (Daniel) Hung

PhD Accounting & Finance, 2004

Before his PhD, Chi-Hsiou had worked for Merrill Lynch and Standard Chartered Bank, and undertaken the MSc in Finance at Lancaster.

Young-Soo Choi

PhD Accounting & Finance, 2002

After completing his PhD, Young-Soo was offered a lectureship at LUMS. He now works back in South Korea.