The Department of Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation has a strong track record of providing innovative programmes for businesses. But we still wanted to do more to ensure we were best placed to provide cutting-edge programmes and 'join SMEs in their world'.  

In 2008 we decided to host within the department an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) – Ian Gordon. Over the following two years he worked with us on our internal approach to business and our range of programmes to support entrepreneurs.

Given the success of our founding EIR, we have since expanded the initiative and taken on a further 20 EIRs to really push forward the diverse set of business support programmes the Institute offers and build them into departmental teaching and research.

All of our EIRs are long-standing associates of the University and have taken part in many of our flagship programmes, ensuring their views on SMEs are insightful, knowledgeable and really reflect the needs of businesses.

Purpose of the Entrepreneurs in Residence

The group of 21 owner-managers from around the North West provide an extremely valuable asset to the department. Over the coming years the group will assist the Institute in various ways, including:

  • refining current programmes to best fit the needs of other owner-managers
  • enhancing the experience of our students through activities and career guidance
  • helping to foster business ideas and contribute to a variety of classroom activities
  • acting as ambassadors to help promote the Department's business support activity
  • supporting the Department of Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation in its undergraduate recruitment

We are excited to be working with these leading owner-managers and to see the benefits they will bring to the Department and the wider SME community.

More details of each Entrepreneur in Residence can be found below:

Sue Anderson, Pendle Doors

Philip Coatesworth, Professional Yacht Deliveries

Adrian Cresswell, AM Support Services

Mark Edwards, Farmer Ted's Farm Park

Ian Gordon, Lancaster University Mangement School

Brian Gregory, Safety Management (UK)

Gillian Hall, Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses

Joe Hall, Halls Food Group

Michael Hill, Optima Control Solutions

Andy Hooper, Westlakes Engineering

Glyn Jones, Savant

Robert Leggett, Omni Resource Management Solutions

Peter McGuinness, DRM Industrial Fabrics

David Melia, The Melia Partnership

Andrew Moses, The Config Team

Martin Moylan, Moylan Enterprises

Carole Myers, Conception Marketing

Michelle Partington, Lakeland Picnic

Len Rainford, Sameday UK

Norman Tenray, OBAS UK

Mark Woodward, The Paper Cup Company