What’s involved?

Programme Elements

  • Overnight Experiential: During this two day (one night) welcome, delegates will be introduced to the peer group and the structure of the programme. There will also be a series of activities to set the strategic setting for the programme.  
  • One day workshops: delivered once a month and will provide delegates with the tools and techniques to adopt innovative new initiatives.
  • Open Innovation challenge: This challenge will be set by a large company and will provide the opportunity for discussion around Open Innovation. It will allow participants to explore the structures and behaviours required for the implementation of an innovation-oriented culture.
  • A company visit: A tour of operations from the company delivering the Open Innovation Challenge. This will highlight best practice within a company which prioritises innovation.
  • Access to: the series of popular Masterclasses run by Lancaster University Management School which include talks from world-class and high-profile speakers.
  • Online forum: used for peer-to-peer support and discussion outside of the programme timetable.

What will I learn?

  • Strategic Planning: through the Business Model Canvas. This tool will be introduced to help businesses to innovate their business model and will focus on creating, delivering and capturing the value of their business and identifying new opportunities.
  • Innovation Impact: The premise of Open Innovation is that access to ideas and resources through collaboration with others outside of a single organisation is key to accelerating successful innovation. An innovation-oriented culture is the process of nurturing strong collaborative relationships inspired through innovation. This programme delivers the tools and techniques which will enable SMEs to deliver impactful innovation.    
  • Review and reflection: By drawing together the learnings from the programme and creating an action plan to take forward ideas and activity, participants will have an understanding of how innovation can benefit their business.