Lancaster Experimental Economics Laboratory

Welcome to the Lancaster Experimental Economics Laboratory (LExEL) hosted by the Department of Economics at LUMS.

LExEL hosts the physical, technical and administrative facilities required by economists to run experiments in a professional and ethical manner. Use of these facilities is also open to members of other departments within LUMS. A common set of rules and protocols applies to all users.

The domain of behaviour that may be investigated with experimental methods is broad, and experimental economics has investigated topics as diverse as decision making under risk and uncertainty, strategic decision making, social preferences, decision making in social and moral dilemmas, intertemporal preferences, probability reasoning, behaviour within market institutions, behaviour within auction institutions, bubble formation in experimental asset markets, firm behaviour in oligopoly, taxation and tax evasion, deception, incentives and performance, team dynamics, and consumer choice. 

Economics staff members associated with LExEL include Dr Konstantinos Georgalos, Dr Kim Kaivanto, Dr Jiawen Li, Professor Alexander Matros, Dr Sonali Sen Gupta and Dr Orestis Troumpounis, who are regular and active participants in the meetings and activities of the Economic Science Association, a professional organization devoted to economics as an observational science, using controlled experiments to learn about economic behaviour.