Economics modules

The tables below list all the Part I and II modules in the Department of Economics. Follow the links for further details about each module.

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Part I

ECON 101 Principles of Economics A
ECON 102 Principles of Economics B
ECON 103 Quantitative Methods for Economics

Part II

ECON 207 Managerial Economics  
ECON 208 Business and International Macroeconomics  
ECON 209 Applied Business Economics  
ECON 210 Introduction to Statistical Methods for Economists  
ECON 211 Mathematics for Economics  
ECON 212 Introduction to Econometrics  
ECON 220 Intermediate Microeconomics 1  
ECON 221 Intermediate Microeconomics 2  
ECON 222A/B Intermediate Macroeconomics 1  
ECON 223 Intermediate Macroeconomics 2  
ECON 224 Topics in Economics for Managers  
ECON 225 Further Topics in Economics for Managers  
ECON 228 Game Theory  
ECON 229 Applied Economics  
ECON 230 Economic Policy  
ECON 320 Applied Macroeconomics  
ECON 321 Sports Economics  
ECON 322 Health Economics  
ECON 323 Public Economics  
ECON 324 Advanced Macroeconomics  
ECON 325 Advanced Microeconomics  
ECON 326 Monetary Macroeconomics  
ECON 327 Human Resource Economics  
ECON 329 Mathematical Economics  
ECON 330 Econometrics  
ECON 331 Industrial Organisation  
ECON 332 Development Economics  
ECON 333 International Economics  
ECON 334 International Business  
ECON 335 Dissertation Module  
ECON 350 Business Placement Dissertation (full-unit)  

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