Undergraduate study in Entrepreneurship

People with an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset are critical to the global economy. On our degree you will develop this mindset through learning how to evaluate new ideas, creating and developing opportunities and engaging with the real challenges of taking innovative and sustainable ideas to markets.

These are the actions of individuals who focus on getting things done, and those who want to make change for the better - whether this be within an existing organisation or the creation of a new venture. This degree will enable you to develop and reflect on the key skills that will enable you to make this happen. We do this by immersing you in a network of world-class academics and providing you with the mentorship of our successful, diverse and dynamic Entrepreneurs-in Residence.

An entrepreneurial mindset will enable you to make change happen. Being able to demonstrate entrepreneurial capabilities is something which is sought after by investors, valued by employers, and aspired to by employees. 

Our unique group of Entrepreneurs in Residence contribute to classroom activities, act as mentors and give you direct access to growing businesses.

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Our Entrepreneurship and Management degree provides you with vital employability skills to pursue a variety of career pathways.

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