Research in entrepreneurship and small business

The Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (IEED) is a department with a growing international reputation for its research.

We invest heavily in a research-related infrastructure and aim to create an environment which is supportive and productive, allowing ideas to flourish. The Department works to enable staff members to reach their full research potential. Among other activities, our staff present their work at top international conferences and are encouraged to do so through internal and external resources. Research activity is also supported by a range of external funding bodies, including the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

To find out more about our key areas of research and the interests of individual faculty members, see research themes.

PhD study

Within the IEED there is also a vibrant and thriving PhD community, which is an integral part of the departmental research environment. PhD students are invited to engage with IEED across the breadth of its activities and are given the space and support to develop their interests. They not only have access to experienced staff and resources in the University but are often also invited to contribute to existing programmes of research in the Institute.

Learn more about PhD study within IEED.

Engagement with business

Staff members have complementary academic backgrounds embracing management, geography, business history, economics, sociology and technology. Regular engagement with business through outreach activity informs and enriches our research and facilitates knowledge exchange. Entrepreneurial processes and performance are explored in regional, international, sectoral or organisational contexts. These include microbusinesses and SMEs, family firms, social enterprises and large organisations. This approach provides a strong foundation for comparisons across space and time. Our research approach includes strengths in both qualitative and quantitative methods.

In many cases, our research activity is closely linked to a number of projects which are being conducted collaboratively with various industrial and business partners. Examples of current projects can be found in our business growth pages.

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