Masters in Management Science

We offer three flexible MSc programmes focussing on Management Science and Business Analytics, all lasting for twelve-months full-time. They are designed for people who wish to work in business analytics, decision support, industrial engineering, supply chain, logistics management, operational research and management science.

We also offer the MSc Project Management and two programmes with an information technology focus: the MSc in E-Business and Innovation and the MSc in Information Technology, Management and Organisational Change.

The Lancaster approach

Our MSc programmes combine five themes:

  • Quantitative modelling: building and using mathematical and statistical models to help people plan and make better decisions
  • Systems thinking: using systems ideas to understand and manage complexity
  • Consulting skills: working with people to help them understand and appreciate our technical work
  • Real-world focus: putting theory into practice 
  • Information technology: strategic, innovative and mindful

Student views

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Students on our Masters programmes explain what they like about studying at Lancaster.

Applying management science in high-quality supply chain and logistics management.

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Using management science to support marketing decision making and planning.

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Provides students with in-demand skills for solving challenging business problems.

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Maximising the potential of modern information technologies for innovation in business.

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Pragmatic, analytical and systemic thinking for tomorrow's technological and organisational landscapes.

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A full-time postgraduate course, aimed at those who have recently graduated. 

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