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Emre Tarim receives Best Paper Award

Emre Tarim

15 June 2017

Emre Tarim, from the Department of Marketing, has been awarded the Best Qualitative Paper Award at the 2017 Behavioural Finance Working Group Conference.

His paper ‘How do financial analysts and equity salespeople make sense and cope with uncertainty?’ looked at uncertainty from the perspective of organisational roles, identities and knowledge. He explored, via ethnographic fieldwork in the Istanbul market, how the analysts’ market environment affects their valuation work.  

Another novelty of the paper was its exploration of the equity salespeople’s role in the financial analyst and fund manager relationships, which had been relatively overlooked in Accounting and Finance research. The key implication of the paper is that for a better understanding of financial analysts and their valuation work, we need to go beyond the core assumption that markets are efficient, and work according to intrinsic and comparative valuation of companies.

This award, sponsored by Qualitative Research in Financial Markets journal, was presented at Queen Mary University of London.

Dr Tarim said: “I am very delighted to have been given this award. The Behavioural Finance Working Group conferences have been, for many years, a truly interdisciplinary platform and promoting a better understanding of financial behaviour and markets. I thank the conference organisers and the editor of Qualitative Research in Financial Markets for this award.”