Research in Marketing

The Department has a vibrant research culture, with specialisms in the key areas of consumer research, business marketing and purchasing, market studies and international marketing.

Currently, we have one of the largest groups of marketing academics in the UK, and we disseminate our research through top international journals, and also through international, interdisciplinary conference presentations. Many staff members work closely with marketing practitioners to ensure that the research we undertake has relevance for both commercial and public-sector organisations.

We have a thriving PhD programme, and our doctoral students contribute to the life of the department through participation at School and Departmental seminars and doctoral consortia. Additionally, full-time students are able to benefit from additional research methodology courses run by the School or other Faculties.

The size of the Department means that we have specialists in most areas of marketing study and have the capacity to supervise research on a whole spectrum of marketing topics. However we have chosen, for reasons of effectiveness, to concentrate our research efforts on the following broad research themes:

Consumer behaviour research

The consumer behaviour research group incorporates academics with a wide range of interests across consumer research, consumption, advertising and branding. We have particular expertise and research interests in Transformative Consumer Research (TCR) which refers to a stream of research that focuses on benefitting consumer welfare and quality of life, with a clear emphasis on policy implications. Researchers working within this stream are looking at various issues including: vulnerable consumers (Professor Margaret Hogg, Professor Maria Piacentini, Dr Sandra Awanis, Dr Leighanne Higgins); alcohol and other risky consumption among youth (Professor Maria Piacentini, Dr James Cronin, Dr Hayley Cocker); and sustainability, environmental and ethical issues (Dr Jim Freund, Dr Sheila Malone, Dr Sandra Awanis, Dr Ben Kerrane); the role of emotion in consumer decision-making and consumption practices (Dr Sheila Malone); and gendered consumption, body images and wellbeing (Dr Chih-ling Liu). We also focus on consumers as identity seekers (Professor Margaret Hogg, Professor Maria Piacentini; Dr Hayley Cocker; Dr James Cronin, Dr Ben Kerrane, Dr Chih-ling Liu); cross cultural aspects of consumer research (Dr Laura Salciuviene, Dr Ahmad Daryanto, Dr James Cronin); and the ways in which brands mediate relationships between consumers and organizations (Dr Jim Freund, Dr Laura Salciuviene).

Current interests include:

  • Disadvantaged and vulnerable consumers
    Professor Maria Piacentini, Professor Margaret Hogg, Dr Sandra Awanis, Dr Hayley Cocker, Dr Leighanne Higgins
  • Family and consumption (including new mothers, new fathers, consumer socialisation, and young consumers)
    Professor Margaret Hogg, Professor Maria Piacentini, Dr Leighanne Higgins, Dr Ben Kerrane, Dr Chih-ling Liu
  • Sustainability and ethical marketing
    Dr Sheila Malone, Dr Jim Freund, Dr Sandra Awanis, Dr Ben Kerrane
  • Young people and risky consumption
    Dr James Cronin, Dr Hayley Cocker, Professor Maria Piacentini, Dr Sandra Awanis, Dr Ben Kerrane
  • Consumers' identity projects
    Professor Margaret Hogg, Professor Maria Piacentini, Dr Hayley Cocker, Dr James Cronin, Dr Chih-Ling Liu, Dr Leighanne Higgins
  • Sacred consumption
    Dr Leighanne Higgins
  • Gendered consumption
    Professor Margaret Hogg, Dr Chih-ling Liu
  • Marketing in virtual environments
    Dr Laura Salciuviene
  • Consumer decision making
    Dr Anto Daryanto, Dr Laura Salciuviene, Dr Sandra Awanis, Dr Sheila Malone
  • Consumption behaviour of families and young consumers
    Dr Ben Kerrane
  • Consumption, health and wellbeing
    Professor Maria Piacentini, Dr James Cronin, Dr Chih-ling Liu

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Business marketing and purchasing

This group has strong international links with the IMP research community, a world-leading Business Marketing and Purchasing group of scholars that research investigate markets as networks of business relationships; and can claim to be the leading UK group working in this area. 

Included in this theme are such topics as:

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Market studies

The members of staff in this research group are Professor Katy Mason, Professor Stefanos Mouzas, Dr Ronika Chakrabarti, Dr Teea Palo, Dr Gillian Hopkinson and Dr James Cronin. The group has strong links to the wider Market Studies community and a number of like-minded colleagues across a number of European institutions. The group organises a biennial interdisciplinary workshop on Market Studies, special tracks at the annual IMP Group Conference and hosts its own website.

Included in this theme are topics such as:

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International marketing

The members of this research group are Professor Nicholas Alexander, Dr Sandra Awanis, Abhirarm Chandrasen, Dr Anto Daryanto, Dr Hina Khan. The group is interested in the internationalisation of the firm, global product and brand management and consumer behaviour in global markets.

Internationalisation of the firm

 Included in this theme are topics such as:

  • Internationalisation of the retail firm
    Professor Nicholas Alexander
  • Managing international brands
    Professor Nicholas Alexander

  • E-branding in international markets 
    Dr Anto Daryanto and Dr Hina Khan

Consumer behaviour in global markets

Included in this theme are topics such as:

  • Place attachment in global markets 
    Dr Anto Daryanto and Professor Nicholas Alexander
  • Transient consumers in global markets

    Dr Anto Daryanto and Professor Nicholas Alexander

  • Cultural values and global consumer acculturation 
    Professor Nicholas Alexander

  • Cross country evaluation of credit card misuse
    Dr Sandra Awanis

  • Country of origin product perceptions 
    Dr Hina Khan

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