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Alumni award for prominent alumna

Vice Chancellor Professor Mark E Smith and Dr Nahed Taher

17 December 2013

Dr Nahed Taher, founder and CEO of Gulf One Investment Bank, has returned to Lancaster University to receive an Alumni award.

Dr Taher was voted one of the world’s 100 most powerful women by Forbes magazine in 2006. She was also listed 24th in a Financial Times table of the 50 most prominent international businesswomen in 2010.

Dr Taher took an MSc, followed by a PhD in Economics, at Lancaster University Management School. She turned down a high-powered job with the International Monetary Fund, and returned to her home country of Saudi Arabia where she became the first woman to be hired by the National Commercial Bank.

She was appointed CEO for the Gulf One Investment Bank in 2005, making her the first Saudi woman to head a bank in the Gulf region. Gulf One, based in Bahrain with $100m in capital, became operational in the second quarter of 2006.