Centre for Marketing Analytics & Forecasting

24 May 2017

We are pleased to announce that Lancaster Centre for Forecasting is extending and deepening its research in marketing analytics.

We have appointed two specialists in marketing analytics, who will join our team in the new academic year. We are aiming to contribute to knowledge in this area to provide practitioners, as well as academics, with novel insights on the new challenges in marketing analytics.

To reflect these developments, we now have a new name: the Centre for Marketing Analytics and Forecasting (CMAF). Our Centre was part of the official launch of 10 research centres by Lancaster University Management School (LUMS), making our research integral to LUMS' strategic priorities.

We would like to assure everyone that forecasting will remain central to our research agenda; in fact, the two areas are synergistic, where ‘big data’ can be integrated into consumer insights and forecasts. Furthermore, the expansion into marketing analytics offers the potential for new collaborations and partnerships. If you have an idea in mind please get in touch with Georgie Watson.

So don’t be surprised next time you come across news from the CMAF – this is the same well-known centre just with a new name and even more to offer.


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