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ITMOC students and alumni connect in London

ITMOC students and alumni group photo

26 July 2013

Over 40 alumni and students of the MSc ITMOC met for an evening of networking at the Royal Society of the Arts in central London on 27 June 2013. The event was part of a three-day Study Tour to London for current students.

MRes ITMOC student, Lebene Soga from Ghana, wrote this account of the evening:

Some of the most exciting moments on the ITMOC programme have been our reflection sessions with the academic director, Dr Martin Brigham. These are times when we come together as a class in groups of five to reflect on our learning and to share ideas with colleagues; they are, in effect, ‘insight moments’! Reflection, for us, is not just about musing over our learning; it is a time, as the academic director will say, to think about our thinking. But as I say we engage in these sessions as a class. How great then would it be to interact with past students of the programme, not just for fun but also for ‘insight moments’ together? That was exactly what it was when current ITMOC students met with alumni from the last decade in London.

The event was part of a three-day Study Tour to attend the world's largest Cloud and Big Data conference in London, to visit a 'Fin Tech' innovation space in Canary Wharf and go on a walking seminar of the Silicon Roundabout. We took time off from the study tour to meet with alumni who are using skills learnt on the programme to make significant progress on their jobs. These included alumni in management and business strategy consulting, technology consulting, business analytics, academia, digital media, tech companies, IT in finance and banking, and various management roles with businesses across the UK.

Meeting with these alumni offered me the opportunity to network, to understand from their point of view and experience how to succeed in the world of work, and to also appreciate the contemporary relevance of the ITMOC Programme as a benefit to their jobs. Indeed, the fine thread that weaves information technology, management, and organisational change are not independent entities per se, rather, they are intricately interconnected. Round-table reflection sessions with alumni in London helped to bring home how the spheres of technology, management and organisational change are so fundamental for modern business practice.

At my round table, I had the opportunity to interact in great depth with alumni and to build relationships, as I get ready to propel my career. Prior to that, we all wrote our individual reflections, after which we shared our insights together. A nominee from my table then shared these insights with the whole group and the same was repeated on other tables. The current cohort of students have been doing this throughout the ITMOC Programme this academic year so we are well used to this reflective practice. With this interaction, I was able to project into the future whilst reflecting on the present and drawing insights from colleagues in order to develop action plans for my own career. For me, it was a time to listen, to question, to engage in a thought process that did not only engender learning but also stimulated action. And yes, for the fun bit, there was lots of nice food too!

Finally, it was great to also have faculty and staff at this alumni event in London, including the founder of the ITMOC Programme, Professor Lucas Introna, the previous Academic Director, Professor Mike Chiasson and the current Academic Director, Dr Martin Brigham. Catriona Forbes, the ITMOC Admissions Officer, also attended the event and took the photos on this page and on the Flickr site.

More photos of this event can be seen on our Flickr site.