LUMS academic scoops best developmental paper award

10 September 2018 09:43
Beatriz Rodriguez Garcia

Dr Beatriz Rodriguez Garcia of the Department of Marketing recently received an award for the best Developmental paper in the Organisational Studies Track at the British Academy of Management Conference in Bristol.

The winning paper is entitled “When organisations prescribe emotions: a dark tourism perspective” outlines some of the findings from a study into how dark tourism organisations use storytelling and narratives to interpret the past and engage their visitors in particular ways to evoke and ‘prescribe’ certain emotions on visitors. Dark tourism refers to the visitation of sites of death, war, atrocities and other gruesome events while dark tourism organizations can be referred to those organizations behind the creation, organisation and management of these sites.

Despite a considerable growth of the literature exploring the visitor experiences in dark tourism sites, little attention has been paid to the narratives and stories conveyed to the visitors of such sites and the way certain stories are chosen, developed, delivered and contested through particular ‘emotional’ experiences in dark tourism sites. These are the issues that this study sought out to find answers for. Specifically, this ethnographic research was conducted from two perspectives: that of the organisations responsible for the sites and that of the observer/researcher.

The award was given as part of the British Academy of Management’s annual Best Full and Best Developmental Paper Awards, designed to identify and honour the best research submissions to the conference that year. Congratulations to Beatriz on this great achievement!

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