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New journal to explore role of people in organisational effectiveness

The Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance cover

11 December 2013

Professors Cary Cooper and Paul Sparrow of the Centre for Performance-Led HR at LUMS are the founding editors of a new journal to be launched by Emerald Group Publishing in 2014.

The Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance will publish its first issue in March 2014. Its focus will be on cross-disciplinary research which will help organisations face the challenge of complex performance drivers, including globalisation, innovation, productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, and customer centricity.

Professor Cary Cooper, who was named by HR Magazine as the ‘2nd Most Influential Thinker in HR’ for 2013, says “The Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance will address the lack of cross-disciplinary research in the areas of people and organisational processes. It will publish research across the disciplines of HR, organisational development and social sciences, thus aiding the formation of shared understanding and improved working.”

The journal will be focused on the role of people in organisational effectiveness, publishing research concerned with the experience of workforces and the productivity and performance of employees, management functions and organisations, based on integrative reviews and critiques of existing theory and practice.

It will serve to cross-fertilise academic debates, tapping into disciplines beyond those typically associated with HR and organisation effectiveness, including, for example, consumer behaviour, operations, risk and crisis management, political economy, population ecology and industrial sociology.

Analysis by industry leaders

The journal editors will be supported by a team of senior HR leaders from major organisations. These industry influencers will provide commentary and analysis on some of the leading academic contributions. They include Associate Editor Professor Kevin Kellaway, from St Mary's University in Canada, and three fellows of the Academy of Management, Randall Schuler, Susan Jackson and Richard Klimoski.

“We have pulled together a powerful International Advisory Board and Editorial Board," says Professor Paul Sparrow. “The journal will help link leading academic thinking to the pressing performance challenges of the day.”

Potential contributions

The journal is currently accepting submissions.

More information, including submission details, can be found on the journal homepage.