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We warmly welcome enquiries from appropriately qualified applicants who are keen to register for doctoral research (PhD).

Please see the list below for a range of research topics that staff members of the Department of Organisation, Work and Technology are interested in supervising.

I would be interested in supervising topics in the following areas: the social imaginaries that inform and motivate the deployment of new technologies in addressing problems of organisation/organising and social ordering more generally. Debates about human enhancement technologies, particularly in relation to the workplace.

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I would welcome potential research students who have interests in exploring aspects of the organizational issues that surround the development and delivery of caring services (by which I mean the ways in which people collectively seek to care for each other). This organizing may be situated in the public or private sector and may seek to use and/or develop a range of conceptual frameworks that represent a wide array of ‘social technical systems’ analyses.

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Project proposals relating to organisation theory, architecture and spatiality of organisations, materiality and organisations, embodiment, gender and diversity.

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I am looking to supervise students interested in the intersections between some of the following areas: economic sociology, science and technology studies, non-representational/affect theory, consumption/consumer behaviour, data proliferation/informational mobilities, digital methods, debt/credit/money, open access publishing

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Please contact me to discuss possible topics for PhD research. I would be particularly interested in hearing from people with proposals relating to the professions and professional services, the globalisation of work and organisations, and business mobilities

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Areas relating to behavioural and organisational ethics.

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I am interested in supervising Ph.D. students in the following domains:

E-Government and Public Sector Transformation;   Knowledge Sharing and Information Technology; Information Technology in Non-Western Contexts;  Information Technology and International Development;  Information Technology and SustainabilityManagement;  Donors and Non Governmental Organisations;  Impact Assessment and Evaluation

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I am interested in supervising PhD students who want to critically explore themes such as disciplinary and post-disciplinary forms of work organization, forms and practices of organizational power, control and critique, processes of work- and profession-related identity and subjectivity constitution, or ethics and creativity at work.

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I would be particularly interested to supervise PhD students in the areas of materiality and organisations, gender and diversity, technologies in the workplace, innovation processes.

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I am interested in supervising students in the role of Waste in the circular economy. Issues such as social, organisation and managerial responses, the negotiations surrounding values attributed to waste and waste as a particular type of work.

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My research interests are centred on the place of discourse in organizations. I am particularly interested in applying Critical Discourse Analysis within the field of organization studies and have used this approach to investigate professionalization and strategic management processes. I am also interested in employment relations and HR areas of research.

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