Professor Alasdair Macbean

Emeritus Professor

Research Interests

International trade and economic development. China, and especially China's environmental problems and policies.

Prospects for innovative solutions to China’s Green Development
Huang, Q., MacBean, A. 2012
Conference paper

Prospects for China's environmental industries
MacBean, A.I. 2011 In: China-Europe Economic Association Conference on China and the Changing Landscape of the World Economy (Dublin) - 2011. N/A : unknown
Conference contribution

Prospects for China's environmental industries
MacBean, A.I. 2009 In: Sustainable Industrial Development in China. N/A : unknown
Conference contribution

Challenges for China's development: an enterprise perspective
Brown, D., MacBean, A. 2005 London : Routledge. 180 p. ISBN: 0415341337, 9780415341332.

China's macroeconomic environment and enterprise challenges
Brown, D.H., MacBean, A.I. 2005 In: Challenges for China's Development: an Enterprise Perspective. London and New York : Routledge p. 1-11. 11 p. ISBN: 0-415-34133-7.

Globalisation and environmental standards
MacBean, A.I. 2001 In: International Conference on The Globalization Era: China, Europe and the World (Qinhuangdao, China) - 2001. N/A : unknown
Conference contribution

Trade and Transition: Export Promotion in Transitional Economies
Cass, F., MacBean, A.I. 2000 N/A : unknown.

Trade promotion in transitional economies
MacBean, A.I. 2000 In: Trade and Transition: Export Promotion in Transitional Economies. N/A : unknown

Export promotion in the Czech Republic: can it help?
MacBean, A.I. 1998 Lancaster University : The Department of Economics
Working paper

The role of transport costs as a determinant of price level differentials between the Isle of Man and the United Kingdom
Armstrong, H., Johnes, J., Johnes, G., MacBean, A. 02/1993 In: World Development. 21, 2, p. 311-318. 8 p.
Journal article


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