Dr Anthony Hesketh

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests

  • the construction, articulation and evaluation of executive strategy making
  • the relationship between strategy, leadership & organizational performance
  • the management of talent, especially examination of human capital management architectures and measurement
  • cultural political economy, semiotic materialism, critical realism and related methodologies
  • managerial labour markets

Architectures of value: moving leaders beyond big data and analytics
Hesketh, A.J. 10/2017 In: A Research Agenda for Human Resource Management. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Intangible or Invisible?: On the Compossibility of the Human Capital Asset
Hesketh, A.J. 7/09/2017
Conference paper

Managing the value of your talent: a new framework for human capital management
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Two’s company, three’s a crowd?: the executive social life of the HR director
Hesketh, A., Cleemann, C. 16/04/2013
Conference paper

Living in a material world: coming to terms with the realities of financial analysis in the HRM-performance link
Hesketh, A. 15/04/2013
Conference paper

Avoiding the predictive sins of our fathers
Hesketh, A. 4/08/2012

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