Dr Ahmad Daryanto

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests

Consumer behavior and decision making

International marketing research

Automated Payment, Financial Decision-Making and a Public Policy Conundrum
Daryanto, A., Awanis, S. 20/07/2016 In: 2016 Global Marketing Conference. Global Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations p. 522-527. 6 p.
Conference contribution

Automated Payment: A Friend of a Foe?
Daryanto, A., Awanis, S. 2016
Conference paper

The Effect of Moral Identity on Compensation Evaluation: is monetary compensation always better?
Daryanto, A., Martin, F., Salciuviene, L. 2016 In: ACR Conference. Association for Consumer Research 1 p.

Why does animosity negatively affect product attitudes?: considering the role of anticipated future regret
Daryanto, A., Salciuviene, L., Liu, C. 15/12/2015 In: Advances in Consumer Research. 43
Journal article

Linking initial beliefs, trust, perceived value and purchase intentions in the context of second hand goods sold by unknown online retailers
Salciuviene, L., Daryanto, A. 14/07/2015
Conference paper

Regulatory fit: a meta analytic synthesis
Motyka, S., Grewal, D., Puccinelli, N.L., Roggeveen, A.L., Avnet, T., Daryanto, A., de Ruyter, K., Wetzels, M. 07/2014 In: Journal of Consumer Psychology. 24, 3, p. 394-410. 17 p.
Journal article

Consumer satisfaction as a suppressor variable in the consumer ethnocentrism- repurchase intention relationship
Daryanto, A., Alexander, N. 2014
Conference paper

Perceived product imitation, perceived innovativeness and value perception
Daryanto, A., Aroean, L., An, J. 2014
Conference paper

Perceived value and its antecedents of second-hand goods from unknown online sellers
Salciuviene, L., Daryanto, A. 2014
Conference paper

Take it or leave it: the impact of regulatory fit on reward redemption in channel reward programs
Keeling, D.I., Daryanto, A., de Ruyter, K., Wetzels, M. 11/2013 In: Industrial Marketing Management. 42, 8, p. 1345-1356. 12 p.
Journal article

Home is where the heart is: home countries and their influences on sojourners’ consumption preferences
Chandrasen, A., Alexander, N., Daryanto, A. 20/09/2013
Conference paper

Adoption of country-specific business websites: the case of UK small businesses entering the Chinese market
Daryanto, A., Khan, H., Matlay, H., Chakrabarti, R. 9/07/2013 In: Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development. 20, 3, p. 650-660. 11 p.
Journal article

Customer Education-Loyalty Link: Trust as a Moderator
Daryanto, A., Rashid, K. 9/06/2012
Conference paper

Judging Compound Events: The Influence of Framing and Processing Fluency
Daryanto, A., Hampsons, P. 5/07/2011 In: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Conference 2011: Marketing Field Forever, Academy of Marketing, Liverpool. Electronic ISBN: 978-0-9561122-34.
Conference contribution

Regulatory Focus, Self-Continuity, and Symbolic Consumption in Liminal Situations
Daryanto, A. 14/04/2011 In: Customer Research Workshop series (CRAWS) 7: Emerging Issues in Transformative Consumer Research and Social Marketing. Manchester
Conference contribution

The influence of framing and processing fluency on the estimates of conjunctive events
Daryanto, A. 2011 In: Advances in Consumer Research. 39, p. 731-732. 2 p.
Journal article

Understanding how to achieve competitive advantage through regulatory fit: a meta-analysis
Grewal, D., Motyka, S., Puccinelli, N.M., Roggeveen, A.L., Daryanto, A., de Ruyter, K., Wetzels, M. 2011 In: Marketing Science Institute Research Report. p. 10-117. 108 p.
Journal article

Analyzing factorial experimental data using PLS: an alternative approach and application in an online complaining context
Streukens, S., Wetzels, M., Daryanto, A., de Ruyter, K. 2010 In: Handbook of Partial Least Squares: Concepts, Methods and Applications in Marketing and Related Fields. Berlin : Springer ISBN: 9783540328254.

Getting a discount or sharing the cost? The influence of regulatory fit on consumer responses in private health insurance policies
Daryanto, A., de Ruyter, K., Wetzels, M. 2010 In: Journal of Service Research. 13, 2, p. 153-167. 15 p.
Journal article

Service firms and customer loyalty programs: a regulatory fit perspective of reward preferences in a health club setting
Daryanto, A., de Ruyter, K., Wetzels, M., Patterson, P. 2010 In: Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. 38, 5(5), p. 604-616. 13 p.
Journal article

The influence of regulatory focus on the interpretation of verbal versus numerical probabilistic information.
Daryanto, A. 2010 In: Advances in Consumer Research. 37, p. 782-782. 1 p.
Journal article

A meta-analysis of the moderation effect of regulatory focus.
Daryanto, A., de Ruyter, K., Wetzels, M. 2008 In: Advances in Consumer Research. 35, p. 944-945. 2 p.
Journal article

Exercise behaviour in loyalty program: the influence of regulatory focus.
Daryanto, A., de Ruyter, K., Wetzels, M., Patterson, P. 2007 In: Advances in Consumer Research. 34, p. 346-347. 2 p.
Journal article

A Closed-Loop Two-Indenture Reparable Item System
Daryanto, A., Ommeren, J., Zijm, W. 2003
Conference paper

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