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Dr. Chihling Liu obtained her PhD at Alliance Manchester Business School, U.K. Her primary research interests lie in exploring the relationship between identity, self and consumption with a specific focus on improving consumer welfare and making positive social impact. Her research areas include Self-presentation, Gifting and Stigma management and in the contexts of family and gendered consumption. Her current teaching involves courses on Advanced Topics on Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research and Marketing Research and Consultancy Projects and at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She has been an editorial board member of the Journal of Business Research since 2016. She is also a member of Association of Consumer Research (ACR) and Consumer Culture Theory (CCT). Her research has been published in Journal of Business Research, Advances in Consumer Research, and Research in Consumer Behavior.

Application of mixed methods by consumer marketing practitioners: lessons for the academy?
McGoldrick, P., Liu, C. 20/05/2016
Conference paper

Strategy narratives and wellbeing challenges: the role of everyday self-presentation
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Journal article

Why does animosity negatively affect product attitudes?: considering the role of anticipated future regret
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Journal article

Conceptualizing and examining the process of consumers’ choice of goal-pursuits
Liu, C., Keeling, D., Hogg, M. 2015
Conference paper

Internal strategy narratives and external selves: the case of self-adornment in the management of personal well-being challenges in social relationships
Liu, C., Keeling, D., Hogg, M. 2015
Conference paper

A phenomenological approach to some issues in consumer research
Liu, C., Keeling, D., Hogg, M. 2013 In: Interpretive Consumer Research Workshop .

Strategies for managing the relational self: the case of women’s consumption of cosmetics
Liu, C., Keeling, D.I., Hogg, M. 2013
Conference paper

The unspoken truth: a phenomenological study of changes in women's sense of self and the intimate relationship with cosmetics consumption
Liu, C., Keeling, D.I., Hogg, M. 12/2012 In: Research in Consumer Behavior. Emerald Group Publishing Ltd p. 89-107. 19 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Trajectories of the self: a phenomenological study of women’s changing faces reflected in cosmetics consumption
Liu, C., Keeling, D.I., Hogg, M. 2012
Conference paper

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