Dr Chris Ford

Lecturer in Accounting & Management


In addition to my teaching work I have a number of advisory roles that connect me to government and business, as part of my commitment to engaged, impactful scholarship. These roles include: Cabinet Office Policy Fellow advising the recently formed Cabinet Office Open Innovation Team, Academic Advisor on the board of the Business and Management Faculty of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Academic Advisor to the Institute of Outdoor Learning, and Council Member of the International Management Control Association. Each of these roles is linked to my research interests, which focus on the role played by accountability and performance management in the establishment, governance and performance of multi-stakeholder collaborations.

Previous Experience:

Prior to my return to academia in 2012 I worked first as as Corporate Recovery specialist for Deloitte, then spent 15 years running my own international mountain bike travel and training company. During this time I worked around the world with multiple partner organisations, while also operating at the highest level in outdoor education, coach education and leadership development for two National Governing Bodies of Sport in the UK. I have a back catalogue of some 50 magazine and newspaper publications on various coaching and leadership subjects, was a sponsored athlete for Adidas, Trek, and Gore Industries, and I wrote and starred in the most viewed mountain bike skills coaching video (2.6m hits and rising) of all time.

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Digital or Visual Products

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Doctoral Thesis

Abseiling from the Shard: the assembly of capability in temporary organizations
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Quadruple-accredited world-ranked