Professor Darren McCabe


Research Overview

Darren McCabe has published on a number of workplace innovations including Total Quality Management, Business Process Reengineering and Teamwork. He has a broad interest in the cultural conditions of work, power, resistance, identity and subjectivity. He is generally interested in qualitative/ethnographic research and has conducted research in the Financial Services and Manufacturing sectors.

Masters of the universe: demystifying leadership in the context of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis
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Journal article

The tyranny of distance: Kafka and the problem of distance in bureaucratic organizations
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Opening Pandora's box: the unintended consequences of Stephen Covey's Effectiveness Movement
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Strategy-as-Power: Ambiguity, Contradiction and the Exercise of Power in a UK Building Society
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Taking the long view: A cultural analysis of memory as resisting and facilitating organizational change
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Enterprise Contested: Betwixt and Between the Discourses of Career and Enterprise in a UK Bank
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Who's Afraid of Enterprise?: Producing and Repressing the Enterprise Self in a UK Bank
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