Emma Watton

Senior Teaching Fellow, PhD student


Emma is a senior teaching fellow within The Department of Leadership and Management and is the Programme Director for the MSc in Leadership Practice and Responsibility.

Emma has over fourteen years of HEI experience having previously worked at the University of Cumbria and the University of Central Lancashire. During this time she project managed several large scale programmes including the LEAD programme in Cumbria.

Emma’s early career was in Financial Services where she specialised in the small business sector. She has extensive experience in the design and delivery of leadership development programmes for the financial services sector.

Total recall?: Using episodic and autobiographical memory to better understand leadership narrative identity
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Conference contribution

Leadership artefacts: a process of storytelling within newly formed groups
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Reflections on a Leadership Development Evaluation Collaboratory
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This above all: to thine own self be true
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Community leadership: insights from artefacts and storytelling.
Watton, E.L., Remke, R.V. 26/04/2017
Conference paper

Leadership identity: using artefacts (and storytelling) to discover new insights.
Watton, E.L., Parry, K. 8/12/2016
Conference paper

The benefits of job sharing: a practice-based case study
Watton, E.L., Stables, S. 29/07/2016 In: Overcoming challenges to gender equality in the workplace. Greenleaf Publishing p. 67-77. 11 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Not 'turning a blind eye': a leadership skill to reconcile ethical dilemmas
Watton, E.L., Parry, K., Lichtenstein, S. 13/07/2016
Conference paper

A practical action perspective and understanding on becoming a networked learning educator
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Conference contribution

Developing responsible leadership through discourse ethics
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Pluralistic perspectives of leadership and leadership development: can on-line learning create more reflective leaders?
Hodgson, V., Watton, E. 15/07/2015
Conference paper

The experiential development of sustainable, responsible leadership practice
Watton, E., Kempster, S., Stewart, J., Chapman, P. 31/10/2014
Conference paper

Exploring how business schools can harness soft skill development through service learning initiatives
Watton, E. 11/09/2014
Conference paper

The new romantics of responsible leadership
Kempster, S., Watton, E. 11/09/2014 In: Inspirational guide for the implementation of PRME. Greenleaf Publishing p. 39-42. 4 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Knowing me, knowing you: can job sharing help to develop leadership capability?
Watton, E., Stables, S. 9/07/2014
Conference paper

How you can explore the case for responsible management with colleagues and senior managers
Kempster, S., Watton, E. 9/04/2014
Conference paper

How important is resilience in a youth leadership programme for the voluntary sector?
Maynard, L., Watton, E. 31/10/2013
Conference paper

Towards an understanding of the importance of resilience through an aspiring leaders programme
Maynard, L., Watton, E. 11/09/2013
Conference paper

Understanding the relationship between resilience and well-being in the context of an aspiring leaders programme
Watton, E., Carter, H., Maynard, L. 10/07/2013
Conference paper

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