Dr Ingmar Nolte


Research Overview

Personal Webpage: www.lancs.ac.uk/staff/nolte/

My research interests lie in the area of financial econometrics, market microstructure and forecasting. I am interested in high frequency finance & econometrics and the modelling of multivariate trading and volatility processes. I am working on developing micro-econometric techniques (discrete choice, count data, point process models) for the analysis of complex finance relationships, which involves researching the econometrics of such models for time-series and panel setups. I apply these models to gain a better understanding of the disaggregated trading process, which involves understanding the behaviour of individual market participants such as traders, brokers and analysts. I am also interested in the analysis of survey data and maro-forecasting with both qualitative and continuous data. My research in this area involves the analysis of forecasting combination techniques and multivariate density forecasting.

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