Dr James Freund


Research Interests

My research into brand psychodynamics explores how stakeholders relate to organizations.

The public face of a corporation created by managers and paid agencies is dramatically different to images of the corporation created by critics and protestors. These conflicting images often reveal the corporate ego and the corporate unconscious respectively (i.e. what facts and ideas about itself the corporation is promoting and repressing).

This research investigates how organizations and individuals cope with the joys and fears of their vulnerability to macro-structural processes - especially financialization, globalization, climate change and Gaia. This research explores and augments psychodynamic theories of power.

I am supervising 2 PhDs: Erik Jacobi who is studying how markets are created via an ethnography of a London advertising agency, and Mariana Zerbin who is exploring how advertising creative directors feel and think about the cultural and ecological effects of their work.

Rev. Billy vs. the market: a sane man in a world of omnipotent fantasies
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Journal article

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Journal article

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Journal article

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Journal article

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Conference contribution