Dr James Freund


Research Interests

My research investigates how people cope with the joys and fears of living within organizations and macro-processes - especially Earth, financialization, climate change and Anthropocene.

(I am part of the editorial team of a forthcoming Special Issue of Organization called 'Organizing and the Anthropocene' - submissions by 28th Feb 2017).

Many organizations tacitly or specifically promise to protect people from macro-processes, whether they can or not. The public face of an organization created by employees and agencies is often dramatically different to images of it created by critics. Such image conflicts provide insights into the dysfunctional relations between people, organizations and the non-human world.

This post-disciplinary research combines ontology, Terror Management Theory and the psychodynamics of power.

Mystify me: Coke, terror and the symbolic immortality boost
Freund, J., Jacobi, E. 09/2016 In: Marketing Theory. 16, 3, p. 417-422. 6 p.
Journal article

Rev. Billy vs. the market: a sane man in a world of omnipotent fantasies
Freund, J. 09/2015 In: Journal of Marketing Management. 31, 13-14, p. 1529-1551. 23 p.
Journal article

Is there a gap in the market, and is there a market in the gap?: how advertising planning performs markets
Jacobi, E., Freund, J., Araujo, L. 2015 In: Journal of Marketing Management. 31, 1-2, p. 37-61. 25 p.
Journal article

Revenge of the brand monsters: how Goldman Sachs doppelganger turned monstrous
Freund, J., Jacobi, E. 13/02/2013 In: Journal of Marketing Management. 29, 1-2, p. 175-194. 20 p.
Journal article

Personal Eschatologies: How Consumers Relate to Macro-Structural Entities
Freund, J., Jacobi, E. 08/2012
Conference paper

Sustainable consumption: opportunities for consumer research and public policy
Prothero, A., Dobscha, S., Freund, J., Kilbourne, W.E., Luchs, M., Ozanne, L., Thogersen, J. 2011 In: Journal of Public Policy and Marketing. 30, 1, p. 31-38. 8 p.
Journal article

The Immortality Striving Function of Green-Oriented and Growth-Oriented Ideologies
Freund, J. 2011
Conference paper

Power and being: the roots of (un)sustainable progress
Freund, J. 2009 In: Third International Conference of the International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture (Amsterdam) - 2009.
Conference contribution

European Journal of Marketing
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Journal of Macromarketing
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Journal of Marketing Management
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