Dr Jekaterina Rindt

Lecturer in Marketing

Research Interests

Jekaterina Rindt researches strategic aspects of marketing and purchasing in international business markets. Focusing on how firms deal with risk, uncertainty and change in business-to-business interactions, Jekaterina studies how managers use business artefacts (such as industry standards, General Terms and Conditions, framework contracts, insurance) in international food retailer-manufacturer relationships. This research contributes theoretically and methodologically to the development of an alternative conceptualisation of risk and how firms deal with risk in business relationships by developing a synthesis between business network and institutional theory.

Dealing with risk in business networks: the use of institutional devices
Rindt, J. 2017 Lancaster University. 263 p.
Doctoral Thesis

Exercising power in asymmetric relationships: the use of private rules
Rindt, J., Mouzas, S. 07/2015 In: Industrial Marketing Management. 48, p. 202-213. 12 p.
Journal article

Networking as a process of private ordering
Rindt, J., Mouzas, S. 3/09/2014
Conference paper

Private rules in global networks: hedging against risks
Rindt, J., Mouzas, S. 2/09/2013 In: 29th Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group Conference, Atlanta, USA. Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group p. 1-31. 31 p.
Conference contribution


Quadruple-accredited world-ranked