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OWT.101 Management and Organisations II (Technology and Organisation)OWT.322 Managing Human ResourcesOWT.250 Research@Work: Placement and Dissertation Preparation


MNGT508 Management of Organisational Change

MNGT 522 Human Resource ManagementMBA - Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources Management

MA HRKM: Essay and Dissertation Supervision

How do strategic actors think about the value of talent management?: Moving from talent practice to the practice of talent
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When do health and well-being interventions work?: managerial commitment and context
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Conference contribution

The formation of public-public partnerships: a case study examination of collaboration on a 'back to work' initiative
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Journal article

Understanding empowerment from an employee perspective: what does it mean and do they want it?
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Conference contribution

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Conference contribution

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Does gender affect students approaches to learning?
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