Dr Mahnaz Abbariki

Senior Teaching Associate

Current Research

Abbariki M., Snell S. R., and Easterby-Smith M., (2014), Perceived Problem-Oriented and Interdependent Tasks as Drivers of Proactive Engagement in Collective learning Routines, working paper

Abbariki M., (2013). Knowledge Sharing and Work Identity: a Qualitative Perspective, Knowledge Management: an International Journal, Volume 12, Issue 2, pp.45-60.

Abbariki M., (2010). Optimizing Knowledge Sharing to Achieve Sustainable Competitive Advantages, the International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 10, December.

The Impact of Work Routines on Employees Knowledge Sharing Behaviour, The international conference of British Academy of Management (BAM), Liverpool, UK September 2013-Conference Paper.

New Methodological Approach in Understanding Employees’ Knowledge Sharing Behaviour: Symbolic Interactionism Perspective, The International Conference of Organizational Learning, Knowledge, and Capabilities (OLKC), Washington, USA, 26-28 April 2013- Conference paper.

Knowledge Sharing and Work Identity,The 12th international conference for Knowledge Culture and Change Management, Chicago, USA- July 2012-Conference paper.

Knowledge Sharing and Sustainable Competitive Advantages, The 10th international conference for Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Montreal, Canada, July 2010- Conference paper.

Competencies of disabled entrepreneurs in Iran: implications for learning and development
Bagheri, A., Abbariki, M. 01/2017 In: Disability and Society. 32, 1, p. 69-92. 24 p.
Journal article